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Before going to Darren I had started going to the gym where it was the same workout day in day out and I was getting quite bored rather quickly and I wasn't learning or gaining any information from my trainer. Finding Darren has been the best thing for me. Each training session is different and you never know what your in for!! That's the part I find best and also not a dumbbell in sight!! I would never have thought I would be feeling this great. He has taught me so much not only am I fitter, stronger and losing weight I feel now that I can accomplish pretty much what ever life throws at me. I am much more confident and my friends and family can see a complete change in me too!!! So if your looking for a great workout which at the end of it you have enjoyed then I recommend giving Darren a call.....



I am pleased to offer a letter of strong recommendation for Darren Skelton as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Martial Arts professional. I have known Darren for over year. A friend suggested that I contact Darren for getting me into shape to join the Police force.

During the time I worked with Darren my strength and endurance greatly increased and I was able to push harder than I thought achievable in the past. Darren taught me the correct way to stretch, warm-up/down use and how to continue improving my fitness in my own time by providing me with a customized workout regime.

Darren is very motivated and provided you put in the work, he can assist you in achieving almost anything. He is a wealth of knowledge and is exceptionally well educated. 

Darren helped me achieve my goal and I am now a member of the WA Police Force. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to improve his or her health and lifestyle. You wont be disappointed.


Shannon Grabe